"The world,you,Me"
Life change; work change,concepts change, inspiration change
ideas changes, feeling changes,places changes, day to night,December 
to August all in constant movement, nothing stop at the rhythm of the 
-why is the illusion of everything quiet? can you hear something? 
-Is why you can´t dancing?
-No!, am I not dancing? mm..i just leaving Spain,in an economic exile,
it will never take off the hidden passion and never forgotten of my 
Dear Madrid.
(she became to hear the song and start to move by her self, her feeds 
her body,her thoughts...)
I want to know the freedom of life, my reason of been,i go..i decided!
i go to learn how to coexist with me, with you,in this life, 
YOU, you are the most important for me, is why i am here,is all about you,
because i know me without you and you without me, nothing exist.
You are the art that became to be,through my hands,my mind,my hart.
Is my love for you why i design, i paint, i create from scratch a reason 
to be,the masterpiece of life, that in the end we will see, i am sure, 
it will be the most beautiful and romantic piece we ever seen before... 
-I know! i can hear the song "to been together,to evolve together".

Dialog by Beatriz Gonzalez Born in Madrid, Spain in 1988.
Founder of the non profit organization UAC - Useful Art for Communities.
Artist & 3D maker training by Escuela Superior Arte12. 
Escuela Superior De Diseño (Madrid) and Bath Spa university (Bath-UK).