S.O.S is an artistic installation in Aarhus in solidarity with refugees which will be shown in different parts of the city. The letters S.O.S will be written out of flowers made of plastic waste from all over Aarhus in a giant scale. By these letters we want to underly that asylum seekers are primarily people who run from such disasters as wars and climate change and it is an ethical responsibility of those people who live in peace and prosperity to help those who escape a miserable life.
The S.O.S message is made out of plastic waste since we want to stress the connection between refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea and the huge amount of plastic found in it. We must be aware that environmental catastrophes are inseparable from the well-being of people, as the strong correlation between fresh water shortages and wars show.
Also, the flowers will be decorated with written words by the refugees describing their lives, emotional states, events, dreams or just thoughts which they want to share.
This project was launched by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez (more information about this artist here https://hewadesign.com/).
In copartnership with:
Solidarity Project Aarhus:
International Café Project: